The Delta4 Discover

The transmission detector for at-treatment QA by Görgen Nilsson, CTO and founder of ScandiDos

Today most physicists and physicians ask for more comprehensive quality assurance of the treatments including patient dosimetry. Simultaneously the requirement to spend less time on QA peer patient is high. A growing interest in perform QA and QC during treatment delivery using EPID and logfiles does not provide the accuracy required and other methods are evaluated. 

ScandiDos has been focusing on at-treatment QA based on transmission detector during the past years to be able to offer an innovative and efficient QA solution. To us a solution includes both accuracy determine the dose to the patient but also making sure that this can be done in a nice and efficient way with a normal workflow in the clinic. It also means that the physicist gets the tools required to find the cause of discrepancy when they occur, and they do. Noting is as time consuming as trying to find cause of errors when missing tools for it. The solution is Delta4 Discover, a device that measures the transmission dose in the most cleaver way, including almost no attenuation nor increase in skin dose to the patient and without reducing treatment clearance. Still complete, including all parameters that matters, very fast and no requirements on interactions nor preparations in the Express Measure mode or including a fast 3D reference measurement with the Delta4 Phantom+ to get dose data in patient anatomy and possibility for adaptation makes this device and measurement system a complete solution. 

The innovative Delta4 Discover transmission detector provides confidence and patient safety based on real time measurements. Its outstanding accuracy and ease of use assures the highest efficiency in your patient QA.

Building your patient specific QA/QC around the Delta4 concept brings the clinic a cost effective solution, overall confidence and documentation of the treatment process and safety to the patient.

For more information, please see Delta4 Discover